Whitby Goth Weekend

November 12, 2011

Myself and my girlfriend previously went to Whitby on holiday in the Summer and we’d seen Whitby Goth Weekend advertised and decided that we’d like to go and see what it’s all about. Whilst booking the B&B, we got talking to the owner and she said that this year it had been over 2 weekends because the organisers had had a disagreement over something so the ‘Fringe’ festival was over the Halloween weekend and the Official one was over the Bonfire weekend. Having never been before we decided that we’d better do the Official one. So we booked the hotel for the Bonfire weekend, paid the deposit and hoped that we’d picked the right weekend.

We got to Whitby at about 12pm on Thursday, checked into the hotel unpacked the car and decided to walk round Whitby to see what was going on. It was very ‘normal’ and quiet but as it didn’t really kick off until Friday we put our fears that we’d picked the wrong weekend to one side and went out for a couple of drinks. As the evening went on, more and more people who were here for the Goth Weekend appeared so my Girlfriend asked a couple if we’d picked the right weekend and the response that we got was mixed. On the one hand, they said that it was Thursday and it was always quiet and it didn’t really kick off until Friday (as we thought). On the other hand, they said that because it was the official weekend most of the Activities were at the Spa Pavillion and most people had paid for tickets to see the bands etc. that were on throughout the day and into the night. We got back to the B&B and found a guide for the fringe festival in the lobby and it looked like all the events that were going on in town happened then, not this weekend.

However, as the weekend went on it got better and better with more people in costume appearing and the local pubs getting fuller and fuller. We went up to the Spa Pavillion on Saturday night just to check out what the ticket got you. It was ok, and given the amount of people there it was clear that the Official weekend revolved around the Spa Pavillion rather than events in town. There were some events on in town, but not that many. During the day, the Spa Pavillion hosts the Bizarre Bizaar where you can pick up all kinds of Goth clothing, music, etc. and up by the leisure centre there was also another market and the custom car competition. If you were in costume, walking round town meant that you had a high chance of getting your photo taken. Some poor bloke who was wearing a Warhammer 40K inspired costume took nearly 3hrs to walk to the Spa Pavillion – a walk that is easily done in 15-20 minutes.

Even though there wasn’t that much going on in town and it all seemed to revolve around the Spa Pavillion, which we didn’t have tickets for it was enough to whet our appetite for more and the organisers have resolved their differences and next year there is just one weekend. We’ve already booked the hotel for next year!

Just to finish, I thought I’d include some photographs taken over the 4 days:

'©Tom's Photography Store

©Tom's Photography Store

'©Tom's Photography Store

©Tom's Photography Store

©Tom's Photography Store

©Tom's Photography Store

I will be making more photographs available to purchase from my etsy and folksy shops and my photoboxgallery shop for larger format prints and gift ideas.


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