Photo Thursday: 28th Sept 2011

September 29, 2011

I thought that I would do a series of weekly posts on a Thursday highlighting my picks of people, like myself, selling prints of their photographs on and, so that it may highlight some of the good photographers on both sites as I don’t think they give enough attention to this category.

So here’s number 5 in the series:

'Two Swans' by photosquare

'Two Swans' by photosquare

'Battersea Power Station' by OsbornMiles

'Battersea Power Station' by OsbornMiles

'Manhattenhenge' by JReznickPhoto

'Manhattanhenge Number 5' by JReznickPhoto

'Venetian Dusk' by Fresco Photography

'Venetian Dusk' by Fresco Photography

Droplet' by SarahWoodlandPhotography

'Droplet' by SarahWoodlandPhotography

'TheyDiedforBeauty' by TheyDiedforBeauty

'Shadows Fall' by TheyDiedforBeauty

Don’t forget to visit my etsy and folksy shops for prints and my photoboxgallery shop for larger format prints and gift ideas.


One Response to “Photo Thursday: 28th Sept 2011”

  1. This is a great way to expose these artists!

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