A well deserved holiday: update

July 31, 2011

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey

Having spent a week in Whitby, I can honestly say I’m more tired now than I was a week ago! I had completely forgotten how steep the hills/steps/etc. were around Whitby, particularly Robin Hood’s Bay. My legs are like dead weights now and I’ve been round a car boot sale this morning, so this evening I’ll put my feet up. It was a shame about the weather at the beginning of the week, but such is the nature of the British weather, also I’m glad I was where I was because I’ve had reports that it’s been scorching for everyone else!

Sorry for the lack of tweets during the week, I really didn’t have time to do any due to me trying to pack too much into one week. I think at least 10 days is necessary to have the full Whitby and surrounding areas experience. Having listed some things to do in Whitby in a previous post, I discovered some more things to do. You can go for a trip round the bay on the Endeavour, go on a vintage 50’s bus to Goathland where they filmed heartbeat, go on a bus tour round Whitby and take a ride on a steam powered coach. There is also Whitby Regatta next week too.

I shall be making prints available over the coming few weeks in the usual places. Keep an eye on twitter for when they become available.


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